Nuxt 3 SaaS starter kit

Save time and focus on your business with this scalable and production-ready SaaS starter kit. It includes authentication, multi-tenancy, i18n, billing, a landing page and much more!📋 Changelog

Everything you need to launch your SaaS in no time

supastarter provides you with all the common functionality and tools you need to build a SaaS, so you can focus on your core business.

Nuxt 3

supastarter for Nuxt is a scalable and production-ready SaaS starter kit with Nuxt 3 and all it's latest features and best practices.

Intuitive and Powerful

Build your app with awesome Nuxt features like auto-imports, modules, file-based routing, dynamic route rules and much more.


We integrate the latest best practices and keep the starter kit and it's modules updated with the latest Nuxt version.


Authentication is handled by Lucia Auth, which enables you to fully customize every aspect of your authentication flow and you have full control over your user data.

Own the user data

All user data is stored in your own database and you have full control over it.

Password & passwordless login

Your customers can choose between email/password or magic link login.


You can easily add any oAuth provider like Google, Facebook or Twitter.

Auth components

All auth components (login, signup, password reset) are ready to use and fully customizable.

Billing & subscriptions

For billing your users, you can choose between Lemonsqueezy and Stripe. Both are fully integrated and ready to use.

Complete billing flow

Bill your customers monthly / yearly with subscriptions.

Billing components

The billing components (pricing table, subscription managment) are ready to use and fully customizable.

AI integration

supastarter comes with a ready-to-use AI integration.

OpenAI integration

The integration with the OpenAI SDK let's you quickly build AI-powered applications.

Ready to use

Just add your API keys and you are ready to go.


To make your app accessible to everyone, internationalization support is included out of the box.

Fully translated

All labels and messages are translated in English and German and can be easily translated to any other language.

Language switcher

Easily switch the language of your app with the language switcher component.

Modern, beautiful UI. Fully customizable.

Your SaaS app is fully customizable and you can easily change the styling to match your brand.

Dark mode

A dark mode is included and all components are ready to use in dark mode.

Fully customizable

Adjust every aspect of your app to match your brand. Or use the predefined theme to save time.


Thanks to the power of Prisma, you can use any database you want. Just change the connection string, run the schema migration and you are good to go.

Choose your database

Prisma supports all popular databases like Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB and more.

Schema migrations

Prisma makes it easy to change your database schema and keep it in sync with your code.


Utilizing trpc, supastarter provides you with a flexible and scalabe API layer that can be easily extended and is ready to be used with a mobile or desktop app.

Type-safe API

tRPC gives you a type-safe API layer for your frontend and backend.

Reusable API

We built the API in a way that it can be easily reused for a mobile or desktop app. Or even for a customer-facing API.

Mailing – batteries-included.

Coming with multiple mail provider integrations and ready-to-use email templates, you can easily create and send emails to your customers.

Vue email templates

Build your emails with Vue and use the included email templates.

Choose your mail provider

Ready to use integrations for Plunk, Resend, Postmark, Nodemailer and more.

I built supastarter to help indie hackers and developers to build their SaaS with a solid stack in no time. It's goal is to save you valuable time and provide you with all the common functionality a SaaS needs, so you can focus on your core business.

No matter if it's a small project or a SaaS for millions of users, supastarter and it's stack allows you to build your next project in no time.

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Fabian Beer

Fabian Beer

Maintainer of supastarter Nuxt

One-time purchase.
Unlimited projects.

supastarter is a one-time purchase with no recurring fees. You get access to the repository and can use it for as many projects as you want.

Lifetime access

For unlimited projects


  • One-time purchase
  • All features including authentication, i18n, subscriptions and more
  • Lifetime repository access for one user
  • Lifetime access to discord server for support
  • Unlimited usage of code & unlimited projects
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Frequently asked questions

In case you have questions, we have answers. If you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us via chat or email.

What is supastarter?

supastarter is a scalable and production-ready starter kit for SaaS apps. It includes all the common functionality and tools you need to build a SaaS, so you can focus on your core business. Essentially it saves you a lot of time and headache when building a SaaS application.

How do I get access to the starter kit code?

Immedietly after your purchase you will receive a link with which you can add your github account to the private supastarter github repository. From there you can clone the starter template and start building your SaaS.

Is the boilerplate being maintained regularly?

Of course. Since we use this project for our own client projects, we make sure all the packages are up-to-date and everything is working fine.

What if I find a bug?

Once you have access to the supastarter repository you will be able to create issues for bugs which we will fix as soon as possible. You will also have access to the discord server where you can ask questions and get help from us and the community.

What do I get for my money?

supastarter is available as a one-time-purchase that will give you lifetime access to the github repository with the code. It also means you get free updates and support in our discord channel.

What am I allowed to do with the starter template?

You are allowed to build unlimited projects with it (commercial projects too). You are not allowed to resell the code or parts of it. You are also not allowed to publish the code or parts of it as a template or boilerplate. See the license page for more details.

Can I see what I am getting before purchasing?

Sure. You can try the demo to experience all the features yourself or check out the documentation. If you have any other questions, contact us on twitter @supastarter or via email at


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