How using a SaaS starter can save you thousands of hours of development

Amando Abreu

Amando Abreu


How using a SaaS starter can save you thousands of hours of development

Ok, what on earth is a SaaS starter or boilerplate?

A SaaS starter or SaaS “boilerplate” is essentially code someone else wrote that takes care of things all SaaS products have in common.

While every SaaS is different, there are certain features nearly every products needs:

  • A user interface
  • A place for users to login/register (Authentication)
  • A (recurring) payment system (Subscriptions)
  • Free trial/paid/multiple tiers logic
  • An administration panel

Why should I use a Starter?

Instead of building all that yourself, why not let someone else handle it? Just focus on your business logic. Your development speed just increased by a huge margin, and you've guaranteed real people will get a feel for your product much sooner because your time-to-market was shortened significantly by this tiny decision :)

SaaS Starters has a gigantic list of potential solutions for you, whether you're a #nocode fan or a seasoned engineer. Check out SaaS Starters

Why supastarter?

Supastarter is a SaaS starter that's built on top of Supabase and Next.js. It's a great base to get your SaaS started fast but still be able to customize it to your needs and scale it to millions of users.

It comes with the most common features you'd expect from a SaaS product and even more:

supastarter feature overview

Ship your SaaS in months days

Save time and focus on your business with supastarter, the scalable and production-ready starter kit for your SaaS.

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