Deploy your SaaS with Render

Jonathan Wilke

Jonathan Wilke


Deploy your SaaS with Render

This guide will show you how to deploy your supastarter SaaS to in minutes. And the best part? You can actually start for free thanks to the generous free tier of

Why deploy your SaaS on

Deploying your SaaS as a node application on Render allows you to have complete control over your server environment. It ensures better privacy, contributes to cost savings if managed correctly, and offers you the flexibility to customize your server setup to suit your specific needs. It can also give your application a performance boost compared to hosting on a serverless platform like Vercel, since it removes cold starts.

Deploying your application to

Make sure you have an account on Render before continuing. You can sign up for free at

To deploy your application on Render click the New button on the dashboard and select Web Service.

Render new web service

Then select Build and deploy from a Git repository and connect your repository:

Render connect repository

In the next step, enter a name for your project and set the following configuration:

  • Build Command: corepack enable; pnpm install --frozen-lockfile; pnpm build
  • Start Command: pnpm --filter=web start

Render deployment configuration

Now define the environment variables for your application. You can copy them from your .env.local file:

Render environment variables

Lastly, select a plan for your service. For testing purposes or even MVPs, you can start with the free tier. For production, we recommend upgrading to a paid plan, which offers more resources, better performance and won't sleep after periods of inactivity.

Render service plan

Then click Create Web Service and Render will start building and deploying your application. Once the deployment is complete, you can access your application via the provided URL.

And that's all it takes to deploy your supastarter SaaS with Render! If you have questions, feedback or feature requests, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter.

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